CheerLoops™ combine with popular “Cover Songs” and “Hit Songs” for “Fair Use”

CheerLoops™ combine with popular “Hit Songs” or “Cover Songs” for “Fair Use” a.k.a. Legal Cheerleading Music.  Now you can be the producer…When you produce your own cheer music using cover songs that you obtained legally from a USA Cheer Music Provider, you can use the mix at any USA Cheer competition.  Just warp/beatmap the cover, or hit songs and combine with our CheerLoops™ songs. All  CheerLoops™ songs are produced at 144 beats per minute.

All USA Cheer Rules “Cover Songs” must be followed for any USA Cheer/USASF cheer competitions.

No USA Cheer restrictions?  Go ahead and combine with any hit song legally purchased and use in your gym, competition, or private performance:)

*Be sure to check with your competition rules to find out if you need to use cover songs or not.

What is fair use?

Here are descriptions from the US Copyright Office and Wikipedia

combine cheer loops songs

combine cheer loops songs

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